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Wednesday - Nov. 14, 2018

Politico: Trump tries to crank up the pressure: 'When will Bill Nelson concede in Florida?'

Times-Union: Trump calls on Florida Democrat to concede, implies fraud

Herald Tribune: Recounts roll on, but Scott plays role of winner in heading to Washington

Politico: 'Magic words,' consistency rule targeted in Nelson's recount lawsuit

Politico: Schumer sees Nelson victory after recount

Florida Watchdog: Lawsuits against Scott: Can’t be governor and candidate at same time in leading recount

Politico: Florida recount gives Bondi a new shot at Trump's inner circle

CNN: Democrats mount new challenge to Florida rules on counting disputed ballots

Wash. Post: As recount politics heat up, two Florida election officials are the targets of online harassment

AP: Is Florida really screwed up? Its election recount explained

Herald: Influencers craft policy proposals for Florida's next governor and legislators

News-Herald: Bay County SOE defends email ballots after Hurricane Michael, finishes recount

DBNJ: Error forces Volusia to re-start ballot recounts

Herald Tribune: Vote recount resumes in Manatee without any snafus

Bradenton Herald($): Election recount continues in Manatee County after forced restart

Sun-Sentinel: Florida Senator Lauren Book and Parkland shooting survivors receive Glamour magazine 'Hero' and 'Women of the Year' awards

Ledger: Scott, Cabinet poised to take up FPL projects

Sun-Sentinel: Stoneman Douglas shooting commission opens critical four days of hearings

Herald: Commission studying Nikolas Cruz rampage told of all the warning signs missed

Herald: Jaime Guttenberg died in the Parkland school shooting. Now her parents are suing the FBI

Sun-Sentinel: More than 30 people didn't report disturbing behavior by Nikolas Cruz before Parkland massacre

Bradenton Herald($): What red tide? Manatee beaches see resurgence as concentrations fade -- for now

Herald: Will Gov. Rick Scott certify an election that he claims is fraudulent? He won't say.

Politico: GOP's hunt for Florida voter fraud sparks law enforcement clash

Daily News: A state probe is underway into Florida's election

TCPalm: Florida's top law enforcement official says 'preliminary inquiry' launched into election

Florida Watchdog: Next up: Suits seeking recount deadline extensions that are not allowed by state law

Democrat: Gillum ponders lawsuit as recount deadline nears

AP: Florida's ongoing partisan battle over recount continues

Today: Florida recount: Machine recounts underway as deadline looms

Democrat: Tallahassee becomes ground zero for recount battles in federal court

Sentinel: Lawsuits seek to extend recount deadlines

Politico: How Broward County became the Florida of Florida

Sun-Sentinel: Bruised and battered Broward feels the pain of election criticism

Sun-Sentinel: Brenda Snipes could leave as Broward election chief: 'Time to move on'

Post($): Who is Susan Bucher, the blunt elections chief who 'doesn't suffer fools'?

Herald: Miami-Dade finishes recounting more than 800,000 ballots. Get ready for Round Two

Herald: Palm Beach County's voting machines overheat and force recount of more than 170,000 votes

Post($): Florida recount: PBC machines break down; all early-voting ballots to be recounted

Herald: South Florida's absentee-ballot blues: 'I am infuriated that I was not able to vote'

Herald Tribune: Third day of unprecedented recount went smoothly in Sarasota County

Ledger: Machine recount ends, manual vote counting to begin in Polk

TCPalm: Florida election recount: Candidates lose votes, margins barely change in Martin County

Post($): Florida election: Did confusion over 'REP' and 'REF' boost recount

Times-Union: Duval recount stretches into Wednesday over 'extraordinarily small' discrepancy

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