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TB Times: New ACLU of Florida leader says the fight for civil rights is in her genes

Sun Sentinel: Doctors saw younger men seeking vasectomies after Roe v. Wade was overturned

TB Times: Bridget Ziegler helped Christian Ziegler 'prowl' for women, records show

TB Times: At Tampa's Tiger Bay, warring state attorney candidates take their shots

Sun Sentinel: Trump attends his son Barron's high school graduation in West Palm Beach

TB Times: When a bus without seat belts met a dangerous driver, Florida farmworkers paid the price

Sun Sentinel: Will Biden's Morehouse speech address campus protests? History suggests so

TB Times: Accusations fly in Hillsborough School Board race

Sun Sentinel: South Florida's Jewish Democrats are split on Israel weapons vote

TB Times: Fight over condo-hotel leads to Florida bill. Here's what it could mean for owners.

Sun Sentinel: After blaming his 2020 loss on mail balloting, Trump tries to make GOP voters believe it's OK now

Sun Sentinel: Taking presidential debates out of commission's hands virtually guarantees fewer viewers

TB Times: Florida threatens to revoke school's vouchers over imam's remarks about Jews

Sun Sentinel: Florida threatens to revoke Muslim school's vouchers over imam's anti-Jewish remarks

TB Times: How competitive are congressional races looking in Florida?

Sun Sentinel: Will these projects make life better for South Florida — or are they turkeys?

Herald: Florida threatens to revoke Muslim school's vouchers over imam's remarks

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