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Monday - Jul. 15, 2024
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Sun Sentinel: Lawmakers are moving quickly to launch investigations into the Trump assassination attempt

TB Times: Federal judge in Florida dismisses Trump classified documents case

Sun Sentinel: Florida judge dismisses classified documents case against Trump; prosecutor will appeal ruling

Sun Sentinel: Who is JD Vance? Things to know about Donald Trump's pick for vice president

TB Times: Donald Trump chooses his vice presidential running mate. Here's who it is.

TB Times: Trump makes his vice presidential pick. It's not Rubio, per AP source

Sun Sentinel: In wake of Trump shooting, calls come for Secret Service protection for RFK Jr.

Sun Sentinel: After Trump rally shooting, conspiracy theories flood the internet, creating dangerous 'spiral'

Sun Sentinel: Florida urges judge to dismiss lawsuit over redistricting in South Florida

TB Times: Florida Republicans rally in Milwaukee, days after assassination attempt on Trump

Sun Sentinel: Trump picks Sen. JD Vance of Ohio, a once-fierce critic turned loyal ally, as his GOP running mate

Sun Sentinel: US Secret Service faces intense scrutiny after Trump shooting

Sun Sentinel: After Trump shooting, the Republican National Convention goes on: What to watch

Sun Sentinel: What to know about the attempt on Trump's life and its aftermath

TB Times: Trump is expected to pick his VP today. Florida RNC delegates weigh in on who they hope for.

Sun Sentinel: Read the ruling: Florida judge dismisses classified documents case against Trump, co-defendants

TB Times: Tampa Bay sermons grapple with Trump shooting

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