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Friday - Feb. 24, 2023

Democrat: Before expected White House run, DeSantis woos GOP voters with more migrant crackdowns

Politico: DeSantis blasts immigration laws once popular with Florida Republicans

News4Jax: Gov. DeSantis rolls out new initiatives aimed at cracking down on undocumented migrants

Bradenton Herald: Emboldened DeSantis wants to expand inadequate immigration policy he once championed

CBS Miami: Gov. DeSantis refuels immigration debate for session

Sentinel: DeSantis wants to boost E-Verify, restrict immigrants

City & State FL: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis puts immigration into play for 2023 legislative session

Sun-Sentinel: DeSantis wants to remove 'enticement of employment,' increase criminal charges for illegal immigration

The Hill: DeSantis's office says he will boycott NBC, MSNBC over Andrea Mitchell question on Black history

My News 13: Biden admin. renews calls for gun safety laws after Fla. shooting

Herald: White House accuses Florida Republicans of inaction after fatal shooting of reporter

CBS Miami: White House criticizes Florida gun proposals

FlaPol: Rick Scott wants Russian military ‘demolished’ in ‘fiscally responsible’ way

Bradenton Herald: Lawsuit seeks call logs, texts of DeSantis-appointed trustee at Florida's New College

Yahoo News: Lawsuit accuses New College and Trustee Christopher Rufo of violating public records law

Democrat: Donald Dillbeck was executed by Florida. He used his last words to insult Ron DeSantis

News4Jax: Florida executes Donald Dillbeck for 1990 Florida murder while a fugitive

Times-Union: Florida reaches 100 executions with lethal injection death of Donald Dillbeck

Democrat: 'We hear the plea of those on death row for mercy.' Group holds vigil against execution.

Times: How Florida kills: The state's execution method, explained

WUSF: Refugees fall into gaps in the US health care system. This Tampa free clinic steps in to help

News4Jax: JEA council committee looking into mayoral candidate Cumber would like to hear from FBI

My News 13: Sheriff: Orlando shooting suspect has numerous past arrests

Sentinel: Orlando shooting: Affidavit details start of Pine Hills spree, but not motive

My News 13: Remembering Spectrum News 13 reporter Dylan Lyons

News4Jax: 'Talented, electric' 24-year-old journalist 'had a future,' media colleagues say after deadly attack that also killed 9-year-old

Sentinel: 'He loved what he did': News 13 reporter, UCF alum Dylan Lyons killed in Orlando shooting

My News 13: Spectrum News 13 photojournalist Jesse Walden recovering from deadly shooting

Herald: George Santos’ Miami boosters: Anti-vax school leaders, billionaire lawyer’s family

Ledger: Is a solar representative asking about your meter? Here are some questions to ask

Ledger: As solar demand increases, utility companies warn of shady sales pitches

The Hill: Fla. woman must have baby who won't survive

Ledger: Groups share opinions on Lakeland woman denied an abortion

Sentinel: Orlando beer makers raise a glass to President Carter, who signed homebrewing law

Axios: St. Pete activists keep banned books stocked

Democrat: FAMU President Robinson addresses university, touches on DEI programs

Post: Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir breaks ground in western Palm Beach County

Politico: DeSantis wants to roll back press freedoms — with an eye toward overturning Supreme Court ruling

DBNJ: DeSantis to target 14 school board members, including 2 in Volusia, in 2024 election

Today: Jenkins 'toying' with idea of 2024 run after DeSantis announces school board target list

TCPalm: DeSantis aiming to unseat Indian River, St. Lucie school board members for 'woke' ideologies

FlaPol: Gov. DeSantis jokes about 'insurrection' while discussing Capitol protest restrictions

FlaPol: Nikki Fried, Annette Taddeo announce new backers ahead of FDP Chair vote

FlaPol: Nikki Fried wants to lead Florida Democrats, but wouldn't help win a key Senate race because of ties to Republicans

The Capitolist: First Lady DeSantis announces streamlined cancer treatment and research initiative

WUSF: Students hold statewide campus walkouts to protest DeSantis' 'attack on education'

Times: Protests at Florida campuses target DeSantis proposals. 'We're not shutting up.'

Bradenton Herald: New College students participate in Florida walkout against DeSantis policies

Democrat: Tallahassee college students voice opposition to DeSantis during statewide walkout

Times: Hundreds of USF students join statewide walkout to protest DeSantis education policies

Herald: 'We only teach facts': FIU students, faculty protest against DeSantis higher ed tactics

Sun: UF students participate in statewide walkout in protest of DeSantis policies

Sentinel: UCF students protest DeSantis higher education agenda: ‘We should not be afraid’

Sun-Sentinel: Florida House says school voucher plan would cost $209 million next year. Critics disagree — by billions

Yahoo News: House puts price tag on universal school voucher plan critics find hard to believe

Times: Florida bill would end diversity programs, ban majors, shift power at universities

The Capitolist: Lawmakers propose scholarship and loan forgiveness program to address shortage of mental health professionals

My News 13: Florida pet safety proposal to drop dogs and car windows ban after response

FlaPol: Bill to preserve historic cemeteries wins unanimous House subcommittee approval

City & State FL: Gators, Seminoles dominate gridiron — and Florida government

Times: St. Petersburg committee advances $50,000 for residents abortion travel costs

WUSF: Clean energy advocates educate Floridians about electric rate hikes, ahead of campaign launch

FlaPol: Travis Hutson endorses Tom Leek as his preferred successor in SD 7

Herald Tribune: Sarasota Rep. McFarland files bill to secure, prevent hijacking of businesses

Times-Union: Committee investigating LeAnna Cumber receives emails from Daniel Davis campaign consultant

FlaPol: Penalty hikes for fans who run onto football fields, concert stages advance with extra sanctions for sponsors

Sentinel: Criminal case against former Orlando guardian Rebecca Fierle ends in plea

PNJ: Rep. Joel Rudman announces bill in Cassie Carli's honor for safer child custody exchange

Today: 'Resistance seeks light': Black history lessons thrive in Brevard

Sun: Lawmakers grill Gainesville officials over utility management, debt

Sentinel: Orlando Free Fall gets final inspection before dismantling; ride killed Tyre Sampson

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