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Saturday - Feb. 25, 2023
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TB Times: Judge blocks part of Florida law that barred noncitizens from helping register voters

Sun Sentinel: Judge rejects part of Florida elections law that targeted non-citizens, calling it 'discrimination'

TB Times: Challenge to Manatee County wetland buffer rollback dies. Is new Florida law to blame?

Sun Sentinel: Supporters of Broward judge up for reelection blast opponent's apparent revenge motive

Sun Sentinel: 'World on fire': Guaranteed another term in Congress, Cherfilus-McCormick reflects, looks ahead

TB Times: Lawmakers call on Florida to revoke dental license of imam for comments about Jews

Sun Sentinel: Will jurors believe Michael Cohen? Defense keys on witness' credibility at Trump's hush money trial

Herald: Lawmakers call on state to reprimand Muslim prayer leader for anti-Jewish comments

TB Times: DeSantis signs Florida bill making climate change a lesser priority

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels wore bulletproof vest to Trump trial, lawyer says

TB Times: Could two referendums on Hillsborough's ballot spell doom for both?

Sun Sentinel: 70 years ago, school integration was a dream many believed could actually happen. It hasn't

Sun Sentinel: Feds urge judge to dismiss Florida's challenge to guidelines for children's insurance program

Sun Sentinel: From Hogan to a Trumpier Senate: Takeways from Tuesday's primaries

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump, trading barbs, agree to 2 presidential debates, in June and September

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump agree to 2 presidential debates, in June and in September

Sun Sentinel: Biden and Trump agree on debates on June 27 and in September, but details could be challenging

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