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Sunday - Mar. 19, 2023
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TB Times: DeSantis casts shade on Florida's open-records Sunshine Law

TB Times: Seffner man gets 4½ years prison for attacking police in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

TB Times: Farmworkers march in Florida for better pay and working conditions

TB Times: Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday in alleged hush money case

Sentinel: Donald Trump expects to be arrested Tuesday as DA eyes charges

Sentinel: New senator's BBQ company gets $5M from state for Ian relief

Sentinel: Contractors, attorneys and public adjusters say pending insurance reforms will hurt policyholders

Sentinel: Florida House approves school voucher, lawsuit limit bills

Herald: Parkland parents oppose legislation that puts limits on negligence claims in lawsuits

TB Times: No more limited government ideals? DeSantis pitches GOP voters on the power of the state.

TB Times: Why two Parkland parents spoke out against Florida lawmakers' tort reform bill

Herald: With contempt for 'corporatists,' DeSantis pitches GOP voters on the power of the state

TB Times: Major voucher expansion passes in Florida House; bill still rolling through Senate

Herald: Florida House passes school voucher expansion to all students. Total cost unknown

TB Times: New College can pay Interim President Richard Corcoran through June. Then what?

TB Times: Should Clearwater council members make more than $27,492? Debate continues.

Sentinel: Taxpayer-funded vouchers go mostly to religious schools. 'Pay for it yourself,' rabbi says.

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