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Monday - Mar. 20, 2023
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TB Times: Four of Trump's children to represent Florida as delegates at GOP convention

TB Times: Florida insurer hit with $1 million fine for actions after Hurricane Ian

TB Times: Florida Republican says he will file impeachment articles against Joe Biden

TB Times: Rick Scott joined Donald Trump in court today. Here's why.

Sun Sentinel: Analysis: Rating change. Nevada a Toss-up in presidential race

Sun Sentinel: Judge denies bid to modify gag order so Trump can respond to Stormy Daniels' tryst testimony

Sun Sentinel: DeSantis clears some ethics cases after 2 years, but others still languish

Sun Sentinel: Lawyers' coalition provides new messengers for Black voter engagement

TB Times: Can Rick Scott get Florida Hispanics' vote over a Latina? He thinks so.

Sun Sentinel: Most of Trump's kids, including Barron, named presidential convention delegates for Florida

Herald: Rick Scott tries to rewrite history on $1.7 billion Medicare fraud controversy

Sun Sentinel: Moskowitz uses taxpayer-funded mailer to distance himself from unpopular Biden border policies

Herald: Rick Scott says Florida Hispanics will choose him over a Latina. He may be right

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels delivers shocking testimony about Trump, but trial hinges on business records

Sun Sentinel: Trump's hush money trial hinges on business transactions, not on Stormy Daniels' shocking testimony

Sun Sentinel: Trump attorney and Stormy Daniels trade barbs during questions about alleged 2006 sexual encounter

Sun Sentinel: Stormy Daniels spars with Trump defense attorney in tense exchange over cash-for-silence transaction

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