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Friday - Aug. 25, 2023

News4Jax: Far away from Trump's jail drama, Ron DeSantis and his family head to Iowa's 'Field of Dreams'

Herald: In turnabout, DeSantis, other GOP candidates avoid mention of 'woke'

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis questions if Vivek Ramaswamy comparing Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Pope went too far for Catholics

FlaPol: Asa Hutchinson upbraids Ron DeSantis for 'ambiguous' Ukraine stance

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis happy to have avoided 'food fight' in GOP debate

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis complains about 'aggressive' Mike Pence

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis expects India to ditch BRICS for U.S. 'orbit'

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis trails Vivek Ramaswamy in new post-debate map of social media interest

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis reveals what keeps him in 'game shape'

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis fundraising email targets 'crime slums,' 'woke mob's fraud'

Politico: Florida judge skeptical of arguments to keep DeSantis' congressional map

Democrat: Judge scrutinizes DeSantis' map that erased U.S. House seat held by Black Democrat

FlaPol: Judge blasts argument that Florida Fair Districts requirement violates U.S. Constitution

Sentinel: Judge weighs evidence in Florida redistricting fight

WLRN: How Florida's congressional map could change before the 2024 elections

The Floridian: Trump Takes Shot at 'Lockdown Ron' in new ad

Sentinel: Chicago woman allegedly stalked Trump's teen son at Florida school months before threatening to kill him

The Floridian: Rubio Proactively Calls for Denial of Colombian Drug Lord's Extradition

The Floridian: Byron Donalds Responds to DeSantis Jab at Trump Supporters

The Floridian: Mast Blasts Senate, Urges Passage of the Secure the Border Act

Herald: Remember 'Tan Mom?' Shes a Florida woman now — and running for office: 'Let's talk'

Herald: 'We're here to celebrate education.' Teacher union heads call for solutions, not politics

News4Jax: Flagler County district leaders apologize for elementary school assembly singling out Black students

The Capitolist: Central Florida tourism brought $87.6 billion in economic impact last year: study

The Capitolist: National Hurricane Center: gulf-bound system could impact Florida

Post: Jeffrey Epstein's remains laid to rest in Palm Beach County. What are the family ties?

Sun-Sentinel: DeSantis fails to stand out at GOP debate, analysts and critics say

The Floridian: Republicans Debate DeSantis' Debate Performance

The Capitolist: DeSantis leaves strong impression amongst conservative media figures in first GOP debate

FlaPol: Nikki Fried calls Ron DeSantis 'biggest loser' in debate, says Florida is tired of his leadership

News4Jax: 'His eyes are on a different prize': Some voters question if the governor is showing up enough for the state

City & State FL: Gov. DeSantis played up his Florida record in first GOP debate

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis adds endorsements from 21 state, local officials after GOP debate

Sentinel: Drag queens held their own presidential debate. Ron DeSantis was the big loser.

FlaPol: Legislative 'war on woke' materializes into new school rules — and confusion

Sun-Sentinel: How long will Floridians have access to a legal abortion? The fight is on.

WUSF: Transgender students fear 'backlash' over the new college bathroom rule

The Floridian: Florida Surgeon General: Do Not Cooperate With Mask Mandates

Sun-Sentinel: Florida students could soon use DeSantis-backed test to get into college

City & State FL: Florida Senate President Passidomo targets 'red tape' in education

Sentinel: Florida is spending $61.6 million to bulletproof Capitol windows

FlaPol: Joel Rudman says doctors shouldn't be forced to sign noncompete clauses

FlaPol: Erika Booth demands stop to committee claiming support while spreading disinformation

WUSF: Bans on diverse picture books? Young kids need to see their families represented, experts say

WUSF: Some Florida doctors hope new golf cart law will curb a rise in youth injuries

Times: Florida tax break coming to stock up on hurricane supplies

FlaPol: Republicans building slate of 'viable' candidates for Miami-Dade countywide offices

Herald: 'Traumatic': Florida college student found dead in lake near campus after a boat ride

Times: Could Tampa's real estate market be hurt by the 'office apocalypse'?

Today: Brevard wins eminent domain battle with Thad Altman, other homeowners over beachside land

Herald Tribune: 12-year-old held under Baker Act for threat against elementary school

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