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Wednesday - Sep. 6, 2023

Politico: Christie knocks DeSantis for not meeting Biden during visit to survey hurricane damage

FlaPol: Chris Christie charges Ron DeSantis with 'putting politics above his job'

The Hill: Christie: DeSantis is 'big government Republican'

The Hill: Christie knocks DeSantis for voting against New Jersey relief funds: ‘Now he wants aid’

FlaPol: Donald Trump memo plays up divide between Ron DeSantis super PAC, campaign

WUSF: Department of Justice fires back in a Florida nursing home kids case

The Floridian: Rubio, Scott Call for investigation into Chinese Influence in American Public Schools

FlaPol: Jared Moskowitz supports clean vote on disaster funding as Kat Cammack files House bill

The Floridian: Webster Joins Effort to Urge Congressional Leaders to Separate Ukraine Funding from FEMA Funding

The Hill: Gaetz advocates forcing impeachment votes in warning to McCarthy

The Floridian: Cammack Says Biden Admin 'Asking' for Major Border Disaster

The Floridian: Gimenez Accuses Biden of 'Kowtowing' to China as Spies Cross Border

FlaPol: Marco Rubio staff to host events helping Floridians apply for post-Idalia aid

Sun-Sentinel: Jimmy Buffett had fans of all political stripes. He was no fan of Trump.

FlaPol: Joe Biden battleground state ad buy during NFL prime time game bypasses Florida viewers

WLRN: Idalia hit one of Florida's poorest areas. How could that impact an economic recovery?

Times: In a post-Roe country, a Florida doctor wonders where to call home

Democrat: Hurricane season forecast: Monster in the making, Lee breaks record before it's even born

Wash. Post: Crowdfunding saves Florida abortion clinic with $193,000 in fines

WLRN: As a late-summer uptick continues, Florida passes 90,000 COVID deaths

Sun-Sentinel: Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio gets record 22 years in prison for Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy

The Hill: DeSantis faces fresh challenges with return to campaign trail

Politico: DeSantis built a massive network of big donors. Many have ditched him.

WUSF: Once the leading alternative to Trump, turnover in the DeSantis team spells trouble

Herald: With arguments coming this week, a look at anti-abortion views of some Florida justices

WUSF: FDEM has key messages for Floridians in the wake of Hurricane Idalia

City & State FL: State's top jurist takes stand on opioid epidemic

USA Today: Florida lawmakers denounce antisemitic incidents over Labor Day weekend: 'Hate has no place here'

The Capitolist: Early estimate pegs Florida with $7.02 billion surplus in upcoming Fiscal Year

WUSF: From her Land O'Lakes homestead, Susan MacManus watches Florida's political evolution

The Floridian: Florida Lawmaker Files Bill to Prohibit Citizens Arrests

City & State FL: Five Questions with state Rep. Angie Nixon

The Floridian: Fauci Resurfaces to Push Masks, DeSantis Says No

Times: Florida orange shortage causes price increase for some products

Bradenton Herald: Manatees were dying in record-breaking numbers. But that trend may be slowing down

The Capitolist: Eight Florida universities in line to receive nursing education funding this week

WLRN: Police watchdog leader enters Florida State Senate race in Broward

FlaPol: Chad Johnson jumps into race for open HD 22 seat

Democrat: 'Right to Rock Act' seeks to protect artists' performances from social media censorship

WLRN: New survey finds Florida food inflation turning into a health crisis

FlaPol: Jason Pizzo new Broward County delegation Chairman

Sun-Sentinel: Parkland trial judge taking job with family business: Her father's law firm

WLRN: 'I refuse to teach lies': Why one Black History teacher is taking a break

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Herald: 'No to dictators, no to Trump': Billboard on Palmetto draws outrage, agreement in Miami

TB Times: These St. Petersburg City Council candidates will be on the 2024 ballot

TB Times: On climate, DeSantis is full of contradictions

Sun Sentinel: A shake-up ahead for Palm Beach County Commission? Many candidates are now in the running

Sun Sentinel: DeSantis announces new legislation and funding for children's cancer and rare diseases

TB Times: Ethics probe into Matt Gaetz looks into sexual misconduct and drug use allegations

Sun Sentinel: Matt Gaetz ethics probe reviewing sexual misconduct, drug use allegations

Sun Sentinel: 3 more states could see marijuana legalization on November ballots

Sun Sentinel: Democrats hail Biden immigration moves that Trump brands 'amnesty'

Sun Sentinel: Five faces to watch Tuesday in Georgia, Oklahoma and Virginia

Sun Sentinel: The politics of memes: How Biden and Trump are fighting each other on the internet

Sun Sentinel: Florida abortion 'financial impact statement' ruling remains on hold

Sun Sentinel: New York's top court declines to hear Trump's appeal of the gag order in his hush money case

Sun Sentinel: New York's top court declines to hear Trump's appeal of gag order in hush money case

Sun Sentinel: Quavo hosts summit against gun violence featuring VP Kamala Harris on late rapper Takeoff's birthday

Sun Sentinel: Biden's stimulus juiced the economy, but its political effects are muddled

Sun Sentinel: Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a new plan from Biden

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