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Tuesday - Jan. 16, 2024
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TB Times: DeSantis falls to Trump, narrowly edges Haley in Iowa caucuses

TB Times: Iowa caucuses: DeSantis celebrates second place after Trump wins

TB Times: Scenes from Iowa caucuses as Trump is declared winner

Herald: 4 things to watch after DeSantis gets his 'ticket punched out of Iowa'

Sun Sentinel: Vivek Ramaswamy suspends his 2024 Republican presidential bid and endorses rival Donald Trump

TB Times: DeSantis camp complains of 'election interference' over quick call of Iowa for Trump

Sun Sentinel: Why AP called Iowa for Trump: Race call explained

Sun Sentinel: Trump leads GOP rightward march and other takeaways from the Iowa caucuses

Sun Sentinel: AP VoteCast: Iowa caucusgoers want big changes, see immigration as more important than the economy

TB Times: For DeSantis, years of presidential ambitions hinge on one state: Iowa

TB Times: DeSantis sharpens attacks on Trump ahead of Iowa caucuses

Sun Sentinel: Rubio joins Scott in endorsing Trump over DeSantis for president

Sun Sentinel: Democrats target GOP strongholds Florida and Texas with Senate majority on the line

Sun Sentinel: Trump notches a commanding win in the Iowa caucuses as DeSantis edges Haley for second place

Sun Sentinel: Trump notches a commanding win in the Iowa caucuses as Haley and DeSantis fight for second place

Sun Sentinel: Trump wins Iowa caucuses in crucial victory at the outset of the Republican presidential campaign

Sun Sentinel: Donald Trump's grip on Republican politics is put to the test in ice-cold Iowa's leadoff caucuses

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