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Wednesday - Jan. 24, 2024

Politico: Why the Trump-DeSantis truce may not last

Politico: Florida insiders fear vengeful DeSantis will 'burn it all down'

FlaPol: Donald Trump uses Ron DeSantis as foil in Nikki Haley attacks

Axios: DeSantis unloads on Trump right after endorsing him

Times: How DeSantis' defeat could alter Florida politics — or not

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis isn't ruling out 2028 run

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis' voters 'checked out' long before he got out of 2024 race

Politico: DeSantis' campaign manager to resume top post in Florida

Sentinel: Disney asks judge to order DeSantis-backed district to turn over text messages, emails

The Capitolist: 2020 census shortfall may have cost Florida billions, multiple congressional seats

WLRN: Abortion rates are down in Florida, but not for out-of-state residents

WUSF: US and Canada discuss Florida's drug importation plan

The Capitolist: Florida at the forefront of Republican State Leadership Committees plan to maintain state legislative control

FlaPol: Jim Jordan adds his name to growing list of conservatives backing Gus Bilirakis for re-election

FlaPol: Gen Z Florida Democrats launch PAC to flip seats in 2024, build a renewed bench for future cycles

FlaPol: Aaron Bean's Primary opponent ends campaign

FlaPol: Vern Buchanan cheers $78B in tax cuts advanced with bipartisan support

Today: Daylight saving time 2024: Sunshine Protection Act, why Florida still springs forward, for now

FlaPol: 55 Florida Sheriffs line up behind Donald Trump's presidential bid

WUSF: A controversial report says there isn't enough evidence proving fertilizer bans help water quality

FlaPol: Miami-Dade OKs school zone speed camera plan as lawmakers aim to exclude Chinese parts

TCPalm: World's largest deep-sea coral reef mapped 100 miles off coast of Florida. How big is it?

WLRN: DeSantis is back in Florida and lawmakers are asking, what's next?

PNJ: Could DeSantis amend Florida constitution to run in 2026? Not without a lot of help

FlaPol: Evan Power tasks transition team with review of Florida GOP

Post: On Roe's 51st anniversary, abortion amendment is pending Florida Supreme Court review

FlaPol: House panel advances resolution urging 'disassociation' from CAIR

WUSF: Confederate, other monument removal ban passes first committee

Democrat: Florida lawmakers want to ban social media platforms for kids — but won't say which ones

WLRN: The largest youth activist gathering sets its sights on the Florida Capitol

DBNJ: New bill would eliminate Florida’s police citizen review boards. What to know about HB 601

PNJ: Florida House passes 'Cassie Carli Law' after failure in 2023

Sun-Sentinel: Who's funding your lawsuit? Florida bills would require disclosure

Sentinel: Florida rejects books on voting, Tuskegee airmen for museums storytime

Democrat: Medical experts: Senate bill increasing penalty for fentanyl exposure 'unnecessary'

FlaPol: Lawmakers advance bills to block, remove harmful chemicals from drinking water

FlaPol: Lawmakers want kids off porn sites. Will Pornhub cut Florida adults off as well?

WUSF: Federal funding will aid the Everglades and other Florida projects

WUSF: Space Florida seeks more land and tax exemptions during the 2024 legislative session

The Capitolist: Social Work Licensure Interstate Compact moves closer to floor vote

The Capitolist: Rural emergency hospitals backed

Sentinel: Park Maitland, Sagemont Prep deny control by China, appeal voucher suspensions

FlaPol: Randy Fine closes year with double the cash of Robyn Hattaway

FlaPol: 'We need serious leadership': 4 former state officials endorse Joe Saunders for HD 106

FlaPol: Bobby Powell adds $53K in Q4 toward Palm Beach County Commission bid

FlaPol: Monique Worrell closed 2023 with $120K in the bank

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TB Times: More than 200 Republicans have donated to get abortion on Florida ballots

Sun Sentinel: Young Democrats form new PAC to mobilize young voters in Florida

Sun Sentinel: New Hampshire takeaways: Trump's path becomes clearer. So does the prospect of a rematch with Biden.

Herald: 'I can't deal': Haley voters signal they won't vote for Trump against Biden

TB Times: Trump wins New Hampshire primary; rematch with Biden appears increasingly likely

Sun Sentinel: Who's funding your lawsuit? Florida bills would require disclosure

Herald: Levine Cava's new public safety chief is running for Miami-Dade sheriff as a Democrat

Sun Sentinel: New Hampshire Republicans want big changes, but some have concerns about Trump, AP VoteCast shows

TB Times: Clearwater election could reverse years of planning for Drew Street overhaul

TB Times: Tip sheet for Ron DeSantis upon returning to Florida

TB Times: How DeSantis' defeat could alter Florida politics — or not

TB Times: DeSantis' presidential hopes look bleak as he campaigns in New Hampshire

Herald: Deference or 'vengeance'? Which Ron DeSantis has returned to rule over Florida

Sun Sentinel: Sagemont Prep, Park Maitland deny control by China, appeal voucher suspensions

Sun Sentinel: Deepfake audio of Biden alarms experts in lead-up to US elections

TB Times: Say hello to The Rundown, an afternoon newsletter from the Tampa Bay Times

Sun Sentinel: Disney asks judge to order DeSantis-backed district to turn over text messages, emails

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