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Friday - Jan. 26, 2024
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TB Times: Have some pride, lawmakers. Don't restrict flags in Florida.

TB Times: So where do St. Petersburg's biggest projects stand? Here's an update.

TB Times: Opioid sales boomed at Publix while other pharmacies settled suits

Sun Sentinel: Republican National Committee plans to soon consider declaring Trump the 'presumptive 2024 nominee'

TB Times: Jill Biden to visit Palm Harbor on Saturday

TB Times: Disney, oversight district agree to June trial for public records lawsuit

Sun Sentinel: Florida State Guard could operate outside of the state, if new bill becomes law

Sun Sentinel: With Trump front of mind, New Hampshire voters cite abortion and Obamacare as concerns

Sun Sentinel: More than 7,100 women traveled to Florida for abortions in 2023. Key court rulings could soon end those journeys.

Sun Sentinel: GOP pivots on abortion stance as 2024 nears

TB Times: Florida makes it official: Universities to drop sociology as a core course

TB Times: Florida Supreme Court justices to take up redistricting fight

Sun Sentinel: A social media ban for kids? Here's why courts likely would stop that in Florida

Sun Sentinel: Biden, eager for a 2020 rematch in November, is quick to anoint Trump as his 2024 rival

Herald: Bills threatening Miami Beach buildings are back. Opponents say history is at stake

Sun Sentinel: Florida House considers wrongful death damages for death of fetus

Sun Sentinel: Trump racks up endorsements from Republicans in Congress as any resistance that once existed fades

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