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Sunday - Feb. 4, 2024
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TB Times: DeSantis said Florida has the fewest state employees per capita | Fact check

Sun Sentinel: At RNC meeting, talk is of coming Trump merger and chair's fate

TB Times: DeSantis takes aim at 'fake meat' products in Florida

Sun Sentinel: Can Trump be on the ballot? It's the Supreme Court's biggest election test since Bush v. Gore

TB Times: Anna Paulina Luna out-fundraised by Democratic challenger in late 2023

Sun Sentinel: President Joe Biden wins South Carolina's Democratic primary as he gears up for his reelection bid

TB Times: At Spotlight Tampa Bay forum on education, strong views and a standing ovation

Sun Sentinel: Do Biden, Democrats really have a chance to win Florida in 2024?

Sun Sentinel: Florida grand jury investigating COVID-19 vaccines releases first report

TB Times: Florida schools adjust as federal pandemic relief money ebbs away

Sun Sentinel: Biden looks for a big win in South Carolina's Democratic primary after pushing for state to go first

Sun Sentinel: The RNC chairwoman calls for unity as the party faces a cash crunch and attacks by some Trump allies

Sun Sentinel: How a small Texas city landed in the spotlight during the state-federal clash over border security

Sun Sentinel: Prosecutors in classified files case say Trump team's version of events 'inaccurate and distorted'

Herald: Government watchdogs warn Florida legislation would have chilling effect in ethics cases

Sun Sentinel: This number explains why a Biden-Trump rematch is so tight

TB Times: Florida drops death penalty pursuit for man accused of child sex abuse

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