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Sunday - Feb. 11, 2024
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Sun Sentinel: Trump rails against Haley, Biden, NATO in South Carolina as the Republican primary looms

TB Times: Florida GOP endorses Donald Trump's bid for Republican Presidential nod

Herald: Florida GOP formally endorses Donald Trump's bid for Republican presidential nod

TB Times: DeSantis praises COVID-19 grand jury report, which some scientists criticize

TB Times: DeSantis wants to ban 'fake meat.' The world is watching.

TB Times: Judge ends case against Florida elections law despite 'target' on Black voters

Sun Sentinel: How Biden and his allies are pushing back against a special counsel's claims about his memory

Herald: Federal judge denies Commissioner Joe Carollo's attempt to stop collection on $63M verdict

TB Times: St. Petersburg council can't reconsider $19.1 million Deuces townhomes

TB Times: Florida could remove the majority of mentions of climate change from state law

Sun Sentinel: House GOP had lowest win rate on 'party unity' votes since 1982

Sun Sentinel: Lawmakers' retirements risk leaving doctor pay fix unfinished

TB Times: Matt Gaetz stopped at airport security for having a Taser, report says

Herald: Florida bill to block monument removals is making lawmakers squeamish. Here's why

Sun Sentinel: In Trump ballot case, U.S. Supreme Court could limit state's authority to decide eligibility

Herald: Chaplains in public schools? Florida bill would give options for religious counselors

Sun Sentinel: Prosecutors seek to protect witnesses in Trump Mar-a-Lago classified documents case

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